Genealogy & Family Histories

homeScroll01The History Writers offers engaging narratives, well-researched and documented genealogies and personal histories for individuals or families.  We conduct reliable investigation into your heritage and produce anything from a simple timeline to a complete narrative with family stories.  Services provided include:

  • Basic record searches such as birth, death, marriage, etc.
  • Smaller research projects for specific purposes
  • Complete family genealogical research project services
  • Photograph cemetery headstones, home, homesteads, and other photo needs


  • Consult to customize a research plan for you to carry out
  • Provide research advice, recommendations and guidance by phone or email for your individual research projects

County SchoolProject Organization

  • Organize and transfer your collected documents to a genealogy software program or to an online service

Your Family History

  • Provide writing, editing or historical assistance for you as you compile your own family history
  • Transcribe your great grandmother’s diary (whether one year or more) and set within the time period and the location.
  • Create a written narrative – a story – from your collected papers or online genealogical data
  • Detail a veteran’s experience set within the historical time period
  • Transcribe the “courting” letters from your grandparents and highlight within the family history, community history and/or the time period.
  • Document milestone anniversaries created as a stand-alone timeline or incorporated as the central focus of the family history.

Fees and Policies


  • Initial consultation is free of charge –  up to one hour
  • $250.00 retainer fee (includes evaluation of data and materials provided, project evaluation, and the development of a research plan).
  • $50.00 per hour for research and consultation
  • Copies, postage, project specific supplies, parking fees, and mileage over 30 miles are in addition to basic fee (mileage billed at rate of $.65 per mile)
  • Additional research fees may be charged by some history centers and museums
  • Mileage will only be charged for round-trip travel greater than 30 miles from office
  • And as always, the more  information provided, the less time needed for research
  • PayPal is the method used for invoicing and payment, unless prior  arrangements are made

BASIC RECORD SEARCHES:  hourly rate plus expenses (but no retainer required)

  • Minnesota birth record
  • Minnesota marriage record
  • Minnesota death certificates
  • Obituary newspaper searches
  • US and State Census records
  • Other newspaper searches
  • Land records; probate records
  • Naturalization papers; and more


  • Cemetery and headstone photos – $50.00 each plus mileage (March through November – weather permitting).
  • Contact us for other photography services, rates and additional information.


  • No retainer fee is required for individual record searches only.
  • Research and consultation fees are billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Hourly fee includes time for consultation, research, writing reports and compiling supporting documentations.
  • Full payment will be due upon delivery of the final research and consultation report for smaller projects (up to 10 hours). For larger projects, monthly reports will be provided with payment on a monthly basis.
  • Collected documents and research may be used for educational and professional purposes, unless clients request otherwise.
  • Identities of all living persons will be kept confidential.
  • As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I abide by their Code of Ethics, the first principle being to: “Promote a coherent, truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history.”


REMEMBER – No genealogist can promise the outcome you, the client, desires. Not all problems can be solved and not all ancestors can be found. What I do promise is to make every effort to help find answers to your questions within the given timeframe.

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We will document your history and provide historical context from the appropriate time period so that a better understanding of the past can take place.

 The History Writers is committed to being the most reliable source of in-depth historical research and writing in Minnesota. Our work is thorough, meets predetermined deadlines and respects the privacy of each client. In addition, we are committed to discovering resourceful and inspired solutions to address each of your historical needs.

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