What’s in a Name?

My string of names through birth and marriage are “Flath Fliss Fors.” I know, how likely is that?

  • Flath, my surname at birth, is Northern German. In Low German it means flowing water in a bog. In Middle/High German it means cleanliness, neatness and beauty.
  • Fliss, my first married name, is Polish-Jewish (Ashkenazic Jew) and means raftsman.
  • Fors is Swedish and means waterfall.

So, who am I and where did I come from (creatively speaking of course)?

“I came from the flowing waters in a northern bog that was known for its cleanliness and beauty. From there, a raftsman led me downstream to where there were turbulent waters. As time went on, I came upon a beautiful waterfall, and that is where I shall stay.”